Index of Chapters




The British Plan of Attack  


New Orleans before the invasion


  British and American Commanders   


Warning from Jean Laffite  

 Sept 4, 1814


 Attack on Lafitte's base  

 Sept 11, 1814


 Jackson placed in command   

 June 14 1814


Battle of the Gunboats  

 Dec 14, 1814


  Jackson and the Baratarians


 The British Arrive   

 Dec 22, 1814


The Fight in the Dark  

 Dec 23, 1814


 The Carolina   

 Dec 23 - 27, 1814


 The Grand Reconnaissance

 Dec 28, 1814


Battle of New Years Day  

Jan 15, 1815


 The Main battle  

 Jan 8, 1815


A Critical Analysis of British Tactical Failure

at The Battle of New Orleans

by Captain Bobbie L. Ragsdale


 Weapons of the Battle


  Map of the Battlefield


Visiting the battlefield




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 the Battle of New Orleans


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  Quiz on the Battle of New Orleans


Battle of New Orleans activities 2016  


  re-enactments & photos  


 What if the Americans lost?