My Katrina pet rescue photos


 The dates on the photos are wrong, these photos were take about a week after Katrina

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The free water, ice and food pickup spot was at the Sams club on Airline. The Oklahoma National Guard were loading trucks.

The food given away was mostly MREs(Meals ready to eat) I was expecting something like c-rations, but the meals were really good. You put the food in a bag with small bag of magnesium something or other and add water. it reacts and heats the food, enough to burn your hand if you grab it too quickly.


There were lots of wild birds waiting for me when I arrived home, about a hundred came out when I put out seed including these noisy assed parrots. I ran out of food so I went to Jefferson feed on Jefferson Hwy.

Jeff  Feed had become a drop off location for animals (It's not now, so don't take animals there) so I volunteered to help. I thought I would be leaving cat food in dishes in front of houses in Jefferson Parish. Turns out they needed me to go into New Orleans.


Checkpoint to enter New Orleans. I needed a special pass to enter.

I was packing heat the first day I went in, didn't know what to expect. the city was strangley quiet, very few people except police and Nat guard. Probably one of the safest places in America now. this is a shop close to Lee Circle on St. Charles


Canal Street going to a pet rescue on N rampart

St Charles


The superdome

N.rampart area. tried to rescue cat on this street,left food through the mail slot, police would not let me return later

Burned down house on Camp St. House on corner was said to of had 6 Chihuahuas, looked like somebody already rescued them


Forklift used by looters at rite aid on StCharles and Oak


pet rescue in action

Happy campers from 4505 Magazine and 6th St. Very hard to catch cats, they weren't falling for the tuna can in the carrier trick. Cats were in good shape.

one of 3 dogs from Rosa Park. Did not have time to photo every rescue

Dogs next day

The black dog was killed by coyotes on the levee in 2009, not far from where this photo was taken.

House on Toledano


Boat rescue in the Lakewood area close to Lake Pontchatrain, van got stuck a few times before we could get close to rescue areas.


No luck in Lakewood friday, surge very high, some sites had 20 to 70 animals all dead

Boat rescue on Painters st. Heard dogs barking but could not locate .Turns out, we passed a guy trapped in his attic on this street but didn't hear him, he was rescued the next day


Foreign aid sighting, thanks Germany





this cat bit the crap out of me, but we're friends now



fun in the mud





Unitarian Church


 friendly big dog


photos 2010


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